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Management Principles

”Honesty” ”High quality” ”Customer-first ”

Basic Management Policy

1) Service to Society
2) Service to Customers
3) Technical Development
4) Development of Individual Skills
5) Harmonious Work Environment

Medium-Term Management Vision

FUJI SEIKO GROUP strive to be a “GOOD CAMPANY” which is beneficial for stakeholders.

a Vibrant Company
a Company with strong constitution
a Company full of grand dream

Charter of Corporate Behavior

We shall act on the basis of following principles, ensuring fairness and ethics in every aspect of our corporate activities, in order to fulfill corporate social responsibility.

1) Ensure the safety and quality of our products and services
We shall provide beneficial goods & services and improve value of them constantly, in order to meet the needs and earn the confidence of customers, while taking necessary measures to protect personal data and customer related information.

2) Strict compliance with corporate ethics
We shall observe applicable laws, regulations and international rules and spirit of them in all business activities, and shall ensure corporate ethics as acting with integrity following social ethics and social decency.

3) Respect for human rights 
We shall respect basic human rights following a fundamental principle of international community regarding human rights, (by) avoiding any discriminatory actions, respecting personal privacy and protecting personal data.

4) Create a vibrant work environment
We shall ensure safe and comfortable working environment for employees and (shall) create a vibrant work environment, which encourages individual initiative and creativity of each employee respecting their character and personalities.


Positive involvement in environmental issues

We shall positively involved in protection of global environment and regional environment and strive to promote a sustainable development of society.

6) Contribute to the development of international society and local communities
We shall respect local cultures and customs of other nations, and build mutual trust with local community through communications, and contribute to the development of local community as a good corporate citizen.

7) Promotion of transparent business activities
We shall promote transparent and open business activities through communications with society at large, and also develop sound and proper relationship with government agencies and political bodies.

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