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What is a power tool industry that FUJISEIKO Group belongs to?
Power tool means cutters attached to machine tools for cutting metal and is roughly classified into cutting tool, the edge part and holder, that holds the edge.
The industry is divided into two types according to the business category. Major tool manufacturers handle production of general-purpose cutting tools and holders (by mass production) and supply products to a wide range of customers. On the other hand, medium and minor tool manufacturers produce and sell special products (by small-lot build-to-order production) by specializing in either cutting tools or holders. Their plants are located close to the plants of major customers. In this way, machine tool manufacturers engage in their respective business category.

What kind of tools is FUJISEIKO Group manufacturing?
Automobile parts, particularly components such as engines and transmissions, have areas with special shapes that cannot be processed by general-purpose tools and thus require specialized tools (special tools). In our group, in response to such needs, we design and manufacture custom made special tools through scrupulous negotiations with customer engineers.
Special tools are made only when they are necessary and only for the necessary quantity as they have no usefulness for any other but the customer. Another feature is that its production deadline is relatively short.

What is the feature of FUJISEIKO Group that makes it distinctive?
1- Our group not just manufactures custom-made tools to fit the requested shapes. What makes us so unique and different from other manufacturers is that we provide numerous types of tools from those that realize improvement in production line operation rate and labor-saving to those that offer high precision cutting to meet the various needs of customers around the world.

2- Our group is an one and only special tool manufacturer in Japan that performs integrated design and manufacture of cutting tools and holders. That is why integrated quality assurance is possible from the blade edge to holders that no other special tool manufacturer can realize. 

3- Our group has, for many years, been engaging in business as a sales agent for general-purpose tools made by other manufacturers. We have abundant know-hows on not only special tools but general-purpose tools as well.

4- Our group also engages in design and manufacture of work piece chuck jigs that require tool compatibility, which contributes to the improvement of total processing line reliability and further to the reduction of procurement cost and man-hour required for order-processing.

5- Making use of the advantages mentioned above, our group unfolds “FTE(Fuji Total Engineering) Business” as an one-stop outsource manufacturer that offer seamless service from activities involved in production preparation (product comparison selection, procurement, production line set up) to activities involved in tool management work (quality control, inventory control, re-polishing, tool improvement and budget control).

What does “C-max ” which is used as a logo mean?
C-max was formed as the technical concept, which pursued maximum clamping up of the ideal combination of cutting tools and holders.
Then “C-max” was reformed into the business concept, which pursued 7C(Capability, Certainly, Conception, Challenge, Confidence, Combination, Charm) in order to develop total service of tools both of hardware and software when industrial world accelerated globalization in the mid-1990s
In these days corporate social responsibility is strongly required and Finally “C-max” has evolved into the management concept to create value for each position of stakeholders (Customer, Capital inventor, Community, Company employee).

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