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Basic Information Security Policy

Basic Policy

FUJISEIKO GROUP recognizes that information received from customers and business connections and information held by the Group is an extremely important asset for development of business activities.
The Group will ensure the safety and reliability of its business activities by appropriate and continuous management and protection of such information.

Activity Guidelines

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
The Group’s officers and employees will comply in good faith with all laws and regulations, contracts, social norms, etc. related to information security.
2. Establishment of Rules Related to Information Security
To take information security measures under this policy, the Group will establish relevant rules which provide for actions to be complied with and standards for judgment, etc.
3. Development of Information Security Management System
The Group will develop an information security management system and manage information security as an organization.
4. Provision of Information Security Education
The Group will continuously provide education for its officers and employees in order to have them understand the importance of information security, aiming at appropriate use of information assets.
5. Implementation of Information Security Measures
The Group will make efforts to prevent accidents related to information security by taking appropriate information security measures according to the degree of importance of respective information assets. Should any accident occur, the Group will promptly handle the accident to minimize damage and make efforts for prevention of recurrence.
6. Evaluation/Improvement of Information Security Measures Taken
To confirm the compliance with this policy, laws and regulations, rules related to information security, etc., the Group will regularly check and evaluate measures taken and endeavor for continuous improvement.

June 11, 2019

Makoto Mori Chairman, President and CEO

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