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Harassment Prevention Policy

Basic Policy

FUJISEIKO GROUP considers harassment in the workplace as an act that unfairly impairs the dignity of an individual employee and results in deterioration in his/her mental and physical health and, what is more, causes deterioration of the order in the workplace and decline of productivity and damages the corporate image.
To develop trustful relationships among employees and healthy and vibrant workplaces, the Group establishes this policy.

Activity Guidelines

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations and Morals
The Group will create workplaces in which human rights and individuality are respected and various values are accepted on the basis of one of its management philosophies, “sincerity” and one of its basic management policies, “harmony in the workplace.” For this reason, the Group will take a hard line on acts that damage personal dignity or health such as discriminatory language and behavior, various acts of harassment and acts of violence.
2. Development of Management System
The Group will establish an external harassment consultation desk and, in the case any specific fact is confirmed, promptly make actions for problem resolution and recurrence prevention. In handling of consultation requests, the Group will protect the privacy of persons concerned and will not give any disadvantageous treatment on the grounds of the content of consultation or cooperation provided in confirmation of facts.
3. Establishment of Relevant Rules and Implementation of Measures
The Group will take strict measures against harassers in accordance with the work rules. In addition, the Group will take necessary measures to improve work conditions and work environment of victims such as transfer of a harasser.
4. Provision of Relevant Education
The Group will carry out awareness-raising activities and provide training in order to have its officers and employees understand the importance of harassment prevention in the workplace.
5. Implementation of Measures
The Group will make efforts to take measures that reflect opinions of workers and the employer by consulting with the Safety and Health Committee and the Employees’ Meeting (or the representative of employees) and take fair measures in consideration of opinions of third parties (such as an industrial physician and a company attorney), as needed.

September 9, 2020

Makoto Mori Chairman, President and CEO

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